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e-PIMs is a platform which is MDM (Master Data Management) system, focused on creating centralized set of products data in sales, supply, logistics and finance area.

Main target of MDM is creating exact/accurate and compact data about products available for every organization area.

The basic functions of our solution:

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✓ Easy import and export of data

✓ Mass-update of data in the system

✓ Creating and management of unique features of products

✓ Information about taxes, many prices and product’s suppliers

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✓ Uncountable amount of descriptions of products that let you optimize information in sales channel

✓ Quick access to detailed logistic data for every product

✓ Optimal creating relations between many products (Accessories / Spare parts / Replacement parts / Cross-sell options)

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✓ Fast and seamless integration into the system via WebAPI

✓ Possibility of publication and updating products data on e-commerce platforms

✓ Dropshipping - many functions supporting this way of supply

✓ Interface of the platform in many languages

Improve your sales, reduce returns with accurate and transparent product information.

Control the smallest details, edit wrong product descriptions, change them to make them more interesting and encouraging. Show the advantages of a given product and present its specification and use.

All this undoubtedly has a huge impact on the level of sales, and good organization will certainly translate into growth.

Manage your sales channels easily and conveniently.

Control the statuses of sales channels, manage them, launch new ones, turn off the active ones and react when necessary.
Quick response allows you to maintain sales continuity.

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