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A comprehensive order management system to ensure full control over collection, approval, and order fulfillment while working with Amazon Vendor.

The module that is part of e-pims allows for easy integration with your warehouse and invoice system thanks to the provided WebAPI.

If you are a reseller invited to sell products directly to Amazon through Vendor Central, you can streamline and automate system communication so that you can ship goods quickly and accurately to Amazon distribution centers.

See below what you get using our system.

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Sign a contract with Amazon to supply Vendor products.

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Amazon sells your goods on its portal.

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By downloading inventory data from Amazon.Vendor we have a full product offer available on e-pim.com. Thanks to connecting one product on many contracts with Amazon, we know what and where we sell.

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The system will automatically download orders from Amazon servers generated by individual Amazon's warehouses for contracts connected to the e-pims platform.

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e-Pims allows for a convenient presentation of order data in which you will find information about the place of delivery of the order and a list of products to be sent.

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IIn the order card, you can see detailed information such as the sales price, but also margins on individual lines including the cost of the contract with Amazon.

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If the terms of sale are appropriate in e-pims, you can accept each line or indicate that you cancel it. Such information will be sent to the Amazon portal.

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You will be able to pass the approved lines for implementation to your ERP system via e-pims WebAPI.

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In each order line, you can see which document the ERP system will carry out the order with

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When via E-pims WebAPI it receives information about the invoice for Amazon from the ERP system, it automatically transfers it to the completed order.

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